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Secció de Ciències Biològiques
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New Synthetic Biological Functions and their Implications for the Present anf Futur of Society
Synthetic biology finds itself in the midst of an era characterized by veritable exponential growth. The rapid evolution undergone by genomic technologies enables us to interact with life by employing the language of life itself deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The advances made in sequencing have greatly expanded our understanding of the biosphere while the quantum leap in writing technologies have greatly boosted our ability to engineer living systems. Indeed, the feedback achieved between DNA reading and writing has served to further accelerate this technological revolution. Basic science has, as a result, received a major boost, providing it with a much better understanding of the fundamentals of biology and enabling it to propose new solutions to the challenges faced by humanity today. The engineering of living systems is providing new therapeutic solutions that are set to impact a growing number of patients.