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Referència: 54945

Autor: McNerney, Kathleen

Mercč Rodoreda : a selected and annotated bibliography (2002-2011)

Data d'edició: 2015
Descripció física: 165 p. ; 24 cm
Entitats: Institut d'Estudis Catalans. Fundaciķ Mercč Rodoreda
ISBN: 978-84-938230-4-7
Colˇlecció: Biblioteca Mercč Rodoreda ; 8
Editorial: IEC
Enllaį: Fundaciķ Mercč Rodoreda

This bibliography, listed alphabetically by authors of books and articles on Mercč Rodoreda, offers a detailed description of the content of more than two hundred studies on her work. In addition to Rodoreda’s narrative, the last decade has seen many more studies of her theater, poetry, painting, and early journalism. Also included is a comprehensive listing of editions and translations, as well as an index. The intention is to analyze and diffuse the great body of academic production on this worldwide representative of Catalan culture, with the hope that future studies can profit by a reading of pertinent existing scholarship on the subject. There are various kinds of publications, from congress proceedings and chapters in related studies to standard cultural periodicals and books from university or academic presses. Some are more specialized than others, and approaches are as varied as the authors, with focuses on comparative literature and influences, historical or biographical aspects, symbolic or thematic analyses, linguistic or pedagogical studies, psychological or formalistic viewpoints, narrative tendencies and techniques. Readers of Rodoredan scholarship will recognize the names of many of these contributors, but there are newer Rodoreda specialists represented as well.

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Mercč Rodoreda : a selected and annotated bibliography (2002-2011)
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